Greek Restaurant, Cafe & Bakery in Financial District, NYC

Greek Restaurant, Cafe & Bakery in Financial District, NYC

Want to explore Greece without leaving the comfort of New York City? Head down to Pi Bakerie, the most delicious Greek restaurant, cafe, and bakery in the Financial District (FiDi). We’re serving up all the best Greek dishes for your taste buds to feast on!

About Pi Bakerie in the NYC Financial District

Pi Bakerie isn’t just another Greek restaurant in NYC. No, we offer a modern take on traditional Greek dishes. We prepare all our menu items by hand with locally-sourced, fresh, seasonal ingredients.

After opening our Soho location in 2014, we expanded to the Financial District in 2022 to bring our authentic Greek dishes to even more Americans. Whether you’re in the mood for a Greek coffee or some freshly baked bread, we have something for everything we know you’ll love!

Our Financial District Location

Our Financial District location is at 35 Cedar St. You can find us on the corner of Cedar St. and William St., not even a five-minute walk from Federal Hall.

The closest subway stations are the Wall Street / William Street stop (2 train or 3 train – red line), the Broad St. stop (J train – brown line), and the Fulton St. stop (4 train or 5 train – green line).

Directions from the Upper West Side: hop on the red line and take it south to FiDi, which takes about 30 minutes.

Directions from the Upper East Side: hop on the green line and take it south to FiDi, which takes about 30 minutes.

Directions from Brooklyn: take the A train or the C train (blue line) to the Fulton Street Subway Station.

Directions from Queens: take the Q30 or Q31 bus to the F train (orange line), then the blue or green line to FiDi.

If you’re in the West Village, East Village, or Flatiron District, you can also stop into our Soho location!

Reviews From Our Financial District Customers

As one of the best Greek restaurants in NYC, our customers have been nothing but overjoyed with our food and customer service. Just see what they have to say!

Our Financial District Cafe & Bakery Offerings

We’re much more than a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant. While we offer a delectable menu with breakfast and lunch options, we also have a cafe and bakery. And when the day is over, we’re still open as a wine bar!

Mediterranean Food

We serve many Mediterranean delights at our FiDi location.

After all, many health experts say the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets to follow because it incorporates foods that promote good health, a healthy body weight, and disease prevention throughout life. Some common foods in the Mediterranean diet include unprocessed plant foods like:

  • Fruits
  • Legumes
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains

And, of course, the Mediterranean diet has a healthy dose of olive oil, which boosts all kinds of health benefits on its own.

Greek Restaurant & Cafe (Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch)

By day, we’re a brunch restaurant and cafe. That’s right; we’re a breakfast and lunch restaurant!

Sit in the dining room or grab a table on the patio to enjoy a quick appetizer, entree, or mouthwatering pastry.

You can even take your order on the go. There’s nothing like strolling down Park Ave. with a coffee in one hand and a pastry in the other. We have many croissants and sweets that are perfect for when you’re in a hurry.

And if you absolutely love our Greek and Mediterranean food, explore our catering menu. We offer breakfast and event catering menus for all your needs. Whether it’s a work event, birthday bash, or any other special event, let us be there with you, celebrating with superb Greek food!

You can also host an event at our FiDi location, which comfortably holds 10-25 people.

Greek Bakery

Aside from our restaurant, you’ll also find a Greek bakery filled to the brim with sweets and pastries. If you need a quick pick-me-up or something to brighten your day, try some traditional Greek sweets.

Wine Bar at Night

In the evening, we transform into a wine bar! So after a long day of work, enjoy our lovely patio while you sip a glass of wine with co-workers or friends. Don’t forget to ask to try one of our Greek wines when you visit.

Photos of Our Financial District Location

Explore these photos of our beautiful Financial District eatery. We guarantee these scrumptious pictures of some of our favorite menu options will make you try some of the best Greek food in town!

plates of food sitting on table

Meet Our Financial District Team

Our team takes great pride in serving New Yorkers and tourists alike. So get to know us more before coming in to say hello!

About the Financial District in NYC

If you want to explore one of the most historic neighborhoods in Manhattan, come to the Financial District.

The Financial District is in lower Manhattan, with Tribeca to the northwest and Chinatown and the Lower East Side to the northeast. It’s just a 20-minute subway ride from Midtown/Midtown West and Times Square (Theater District – Broadway), making it easy to get to.

This bustling financial hub is fast-paced during the day but calm and relaxed at night.

Some of the most iconic places to visit include:

  • Bowling Green Park
  • Castle Clinton (America’s first immigration station)
  • Fearless Girl
  • One World Trade Center
  • September 11 Memorial and Museum
  • Stone Street
  • The Charging Bull
  • The Federal Reserve Bank
  • The New York Stock Exchange
  • Trinity Church
  • Wall Street

Frequently Asked Questions About Greek Restaurants in NYC

If you’ve never tried Greek food, you may have many questions about what to eat at a Greek restaurant. Let us give you a sneak peek at all the dishes of Greek cuisine!

What Food Is Served at a Greek Restaurant?

When it comes to Greek food, the first thing to note is that you’ll almost always find pita served as part of the meze – or appetizer – with an array of dips.

The national dish of Greece, Moussaka, is on nearly every Greek restaurant menu. It combines layers of:

  • Fried eggplant
  • Potatoes
  • Seasoned ground meat
  • Spiced tomato sauce

On top, it has a creamy béchamel sauce that is to die for!

Gyro meat (often lamb, but sometimes beef, chicken, or pork), pressed cone-shaped meat cooked on a rotating vertical spit, is another typical dish. You can’t go wrong when you stuff it in a pita with tzatziki.

Since many associate lamb with Greek dining, you can find that most Greek restaurants have a fantastic lamb chop dish on their menu, too.

Being on the sea, Greek cuisine has plenty of fresh fish dishes, such as fried calamari (Kalamarakia Tiganita) or grilled octopus (Chtapodi sti Schara).

Like many other countries, Greece has its own meatball dish called Soutzoukakia. Baked in a rich tomato sauce, you can enjoy them as an appetizer or with a Greek salad.

If you’re vegetarian, you must give Saganaki a try. It’s simply fried cheese! For seafood lovers, try Garides Saganaki, sautéed prawns with lemon potatoes.

Briam (roasted vegetables) is another excellent vegetarian dish. It’s similar to ratatouille with slices of:

  • Eggplant
  • Potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Zucchini

You can also try Spanikopita (or Spanakopita), Greek spinach pie. The filling is sautéd spinach, garlic, onions, herbs, and feta.

What Is a Typical Greek Dessert?

Greek cuisine is also full of amazingly delicious desserts that always leave you wanting more.

Baklava is one of the best-known desserts in Greece and around the Mediterranean in countries such as:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Cyprus
  • Iran
  • Israel
  • Lebanon
  • Syria
  • Turkey

It’s a phyllo pastry with chopped walnuts or pistachios and sugary syrup. Each county has its own slight variation of this treat.

Loukoumades, Greek dounuts, are another favorite. These fried dough balls, rolled in cinnamon, honey, sesame seed, and sugar syrup, are simple and delicious.

Halva is a dessert you must try, too. The most common variety in Greece uses tahini and sugar or honey. You can also find many halva varieties throughout the Middle East and India.

What Is a Traditional Greek Breakfast?

The simplest Greek breakfasts include bread, pastries, baked goods, marmalade, and an assortment of cheeses. Paired with a strong coffee or milk, Greeks love this easy-to-go meal. You’ll find various simple options like this in any Greek breakfast restaurant.

But if you’re looking for a specific dish, try koulouri (sesame bread). It’s the standard “on the road” breakfast Greeks eat with their coffee.

Another option to try is moustokouloura. This pastry, made with cinnamon and clove powder, is sweet and goes excellent with coffee.

If you’re going light on carbs, Greece is also famous for its thick yogurt, almost like pudding, in a clay pot. You can add honey so the yogurt isn’t so tangy. Add walnuts or pistachios for a nutritious meal if you like more texture. This quick delight also makes for an excellent afternoon snack.

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Just order online to enjoy a tasty treat from the comfort of your home or office.